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Search and Serendipity: Finding More When You Know Less

Search Engine Land just published my article: Search & Serendipity: Finding More When You Know Less. Here is an excerpt:

Where do you go to get your daily fix of fresh information? If you are like millions of other users out there, you hit sites like Digg, Delicious, Techmeme, or just open your favorite RSS reader. Or, you tap into your Stumbleupon toolbar to see what your fellow Stumblers have found interesting lately. Most people don’t automatically think of search as a place for serendipitous exploration. Search is best when you have something specific in mind, right?

Actually, search has been evolving a lot lately. And, as we seek new and better means of disambiguating intent, the search engines are increasingly offering richer media and information that feels a lot more dynamic and exploratory.

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What Will the Search Experience Look Like in the Year 2010?

I was recently interviewed by Gord Hotchkiss over at Search Engine Land on the future of Search. The meta question was: “What will the search results page look like in 3 years?” The full article is posted here: Search in the Year 2010.

He interviewed a very interesting list of folks:

I won’t bother summarizing the article here, so read it!